Work executed:

  • Earthmoving
  • Aqueduc
  • Drainage
  • Slabs (concreting)
  • Paving
  • Electrical work
  • IT : fiber-optics and telecommunication
  • Railway construction




2013 - 2014

Contract value: $45 M
Client: CSX

CSX, the American railway transporter, mandated Roxboro Excavation for a fixed amount contract, for the construction of an intermodal terminal located in the Perron industrial park in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. This land of 36 hectares was designated to enable 3 modes of transport, namely, road, naval and railway and for transfers of containers from trains to trucks (110,000 containers annually).

Roxboro’s team of experts assisted CSX in optimizing the design through the planning phase as we were familiar with the provincial regulations, weather and geological conditions and available products.

This turnkey project included various elements such as building structures, fuel stations, railways, level crossings, ice-breaking referrals in addition to our regular services in which we specialize.

One of the most difficult challenge was the management and coordination between stakeholders and most importantly, with the service infrastructure owners. A major conflict in particular to surmount was with Transénergie’s high voltage lines. Environmental restrictions during the construction of the terminal were also addressed as the site was close to wetlands (brown garter snake habitat preservation).

• Excavation/backfill : 250 000 m³
• Paving – 30,000 mt
• Railways – 10.5 km
• Concrete slabs – 16,500 m²
• Sewers and aqueducts – 9,500 m