Work executed:

  • Decontamination
  • Retaining walls
  • Excavation
  • Aquaducts / Drainage
  • Structural building excavation (interior plumbing)
  • Retention bassin
  • Road work


Corner of René Lévesque Blvd and Papineau Avenue, Montreal


May 2017 to summer 2019

Contract value: $8.7 M
Client: Broccolini Construction

As part of the new Maison de Radio Canada, general contractor Broccolini Construction awarded Roxboro the civil engineering works linked to the construction of the site’s buildings and planning.

These works started in May 2017 and included the installation of retaining walls, site decontamination, large-scale excavation, backfill and laying of stone in preparation for the building construction. Also executed was the deviation of a main aqueduct that divided the lot in two with the construction of a new 1,200 mm diameter aqueduct conduit.

Part of the mandate also included site decontamination (30,000 t of excavated material) from which 9,000 t of the demolished concrete and pavement was reclaimed.

These works are set for completion in summer 2019 with the final touches of repairing the roadwork and outdoor drainage around the new building perimeter.

• 60,000 m³ of dredged soil disposal
• 30,000 tons of contaminated soil disposal
• 2,000 m³ of backfill
• 14,000 sq.ft. of retaining walls
• 300 lm of water mains
• 1,200 mm concrete-steel and installation of 3 chambers
• 2,500 lm of sub-slab french drains
• 800 lm of interior plumbing
• 22,000 tons of stone
• 10,000 tons of foundation stone for roadway
• 1,500 tons of pavement
• 300 lm of exterior drainage / retention bassin
• 2,000 m² of concrete sidewalk