Target distribution centre, Cornwall

Work executed:

  • Excavation-backfilling
  • Building platform
  • Sewers and watermains




2010 - 2011

After visiting the Coteau-du-Lac Canadian Tire distribution centre, built by Roxboro and the general contractor Broccolini Construction, Target hired Roxboro as a partner to build a distribution centre in Cornwall for its operations in eastern Canada.

First, Roxboro took part in drawing up estimates for the development of the site, an area of expertise it has refined over the years. After Target purchased the land, Roxboro evaluated the costs involved in developing the entire site, based on the criteria established by the client and its designers.

Following Target’s decision to green light the project in July 2010, Roxboro quickly mobilized its teams so that the building could be closed before the Christmas holidays, thus saving the client on heating costs. This extremely tight schedule was a major challenge, given the large volumes of backfill materials to be managed under the building. To reach this goal, Roxboro adopted a rarely used method that demonstrated the extent of its industry know-how; it company carried out a first round of backfill to allow the steel structure to be put into place. The fact that Roxboro took these unusual measures and executed the job so quickly greatly impressed Ryan Consulting, Target’s American project management firm.

Work related to the 1,500,000 sq. ft. building was carried out from July 15 to December 15, at which point we were able to enclose/complete the building in time for winter.

Excavation-backfilling: 500,000 m³
Granular infrastructure: 1,200,000 tonnes, including 300,000 in the building
Asphalt: 45,000 tonnes
Exterior concrete slabs: 22,000 m²
Fire lane: 2,500 m
Drainage conduits: 2,700 m
Drainage ditches: 1,000 m