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Roxboro boasts over 50 years of operation and over 600 employees in peak season.Highly respected in the construction industry, Roxboro is an indispensable leader in its field.

Due to its work ethic, diversity of expertise, quality of works rendered and ability to complete projects within tight schedules, Roxboro is synonymous with reliability.

The company offers a variety of services and relies on expert teams in civil engineering, environment, paving, earthmoving, infrastructure, sewers and watermains, as well as snow removal. To bring its projects to fruition, Roxboro has a large fleet of 800 operational units and a repair and parts production facility, all at the cutting edge of technology. Since its inception, the company has continued to grow, always meeting the challenges presented by its partners in the private and institutional sectors. Roxboro provides reliable solutions for a variety of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, having completed no fewer than 2000 projects in a variety of economic sectors.

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By developing the potential, skills, training and safety of its teams, Roxboro ensures unwavering quality at the cutting edge of industry practices.

As an industry leader in construction, specializing in civil engineering, the company is distinctive not only for its design expertise but also for the efficiency of its management and the professionalism of its employees. Conscious of ecological issues, Roxboro’s expertise always considers the environment as a critical component of all its projects.

Roxboro’s mission of remaining a leader in the construction industry pushes us to strive on surpassing industry quality standards and creating strong bonds of trust with our clients and partners.

Roxboro is driven to perfect its management practices and attain the highest level of excellence.

Roxboro's established work ethic and consideration for client expectations make meeting deadlines one of the company's core values as well as communication, team work and integrity.


We prioritize a work environment based on respect and open-mindedness for the benefit of our employees, clients and partners.

Integrity and honesty guide our decisions and actions on a daily basis.

We make it a point of adopting practices which focus on employee well-being, health and safety as well as the overall work environment.

Focus on communication, collaboration and mutual effort to build on each other’s strengths and expertise.

Our productivity and efficiency stem from excellence and devotion of our human resources.

Excellent service and customer satisfaction are always front and center in our priorities.



The trust of Roxboro's client’s rests on the shoulders of all the company's staff and a dedicated, skilled and seasoned management team.

The five Théorêt brothers are hands-on administrators whose work ethics are strongly based on listening, rigor and effort in the day-to-day activities as in the overall management of the company. As board members, they ensured the steady growth of the company thanks to their knowledge of client and industry needs. In 2017, the company started transferring the business over to the next generation of young, dynamic and visionary leaders in their own rights.


David Théorêt
Chief Executive Officer

Charles G. Théorêt
Vice President Administration

Jérémie G. Théorêt
Vice President Construction

Benoit Archambault, CPA-CA, Msc., MBA
Vice President Finances


At Roxboro, giving back to society is important. For many years, the company has been proud to financially support various social organizations in Greater Montreal, such as West Island Community Shares.

Community Shares provides vital annual funding to self-help organizations that offer essential services to local residents experiencing difficulties with food provisions and health, cognitive or psychological challenges, intimidation, drug / alcohol abuse and much more. By participating in funding its administrative operations, Roxboro assists the organization in redistributing 100% of its donations to different social agencies involved in bettering lives in the community. Roxboro also does its part in improving living conditions in communities by getting involved with youth, the healthcare sector and crisis centers.

Involved in many other organizations, including Sun Youth, the West Island Palliative Care Residence Foundation, the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation and Moisson Montréal, Roxboro plays an active role in improving living conditions for surrounding communities.



Join the Roxboro excavation team and benefit from competitive advantages, an efficient and pleasant working environment and many development opportunities. 

Hurry and apply, there are many openings to fill for large scale projects !

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