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Highway25 Port Access
Earth-moving | Aqueduct | Sewers
Montreal Airport Apron Extension
Executed works | Demolition | Excavation
Highway20 Viaduct Reconstruction
Earthmoving | Paving | Concreting
Highway30 Earthmoving
Earthmoving | Paving | Concreting
Highway50 Contruction
Earthmoving | Paving | Concreting
Highway 85 overpass, Dégelis
Earthmoving | Paving | Concreting
Target Cornwall Distribution Center
Excavation-backfilling | Platform | Sewers
Canadian Tire distribution centre
Excavation-backfilling | Platform | Sewers
Salaberry Intermodal Terminal
Earthmoving | Aqueduc | Drainage
Highway20 Bridge Construction
Traffic management | Paving | Concreting
Bridges Construction Highway40
Earth moving | Paving | Concreting
Boulevard Hymus Pointe Claire
Pavement spraying | Road excavation | Sewars and aqueducts
Ikea Beauharnois Distribution Center
Earth-moving | Backfill | Lightweight fill
Watermain Under Lachine Canal
Concrete-steel water mains | Excavation | Secant pile supports
Montreal Port Land Decontamination
Confinement | Soutènement | Excavation | Remblai
Highway30 Noise Barrier
Traffic management | Earthmoving | Drainage
Highway30 Paving Work
Levelling | Asphalt
Highway50 Paving
Levelling | Asphalt
Yearly maintenance | Levelling | Paving
Vaudreuil Road Paving
Pulverization | Basins | Paving
Montreal Port Viau Terminal Expansion
Excavation | Decontamination | Environmental soil rehabilitation
Radio Canada New Maison
Decontamination | Retaining walls | Excavation
Dorval Highway20 Roundabout
Infrastructures | Overpasses | Boring
Rockland Overpass
Deck repair | Bridge hoisting | Bridge bearing replacement


Since the early 1980s, Roxboro has been awarded snow removal and road maintenance contracts for several municipalities in the Greater Montreal area. Each winter, with its 90 or so snow removal units, the company maintains over 400 km of public roadway.

Types of services:

  • Snow removal on roads and sidewalks
  • Spreading of abrasives
  • Snow blowing
  • Transport of snow to disposal sites

Location: Greater Montreal area

Experience: Since 1982


Since the 1990s, Roxboro deploys nearly 25 of its snow removal units to maintain the Greater Montreal area highways each winter. The company monitors, ploughs, de-ices and spreads abrasives over approximately 140 km of highway each winter.

Services rendered:

  • Highway monitoring
  • Snow removal
  • De-icing
  • Spreading of abrasives
  • Transport of snow to disposal sites

Location: The Greater Montreal area

Experience: Since 1996


Roxboro has developed expertise in airport snow removal. Since 1992, the company has been responsible for snow removal for the taxiways and runways of the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. Other services Roxboro provides for this major airport include snow removal, snow piling and spreading of abrasives, in addition to transporting snow from sidewalks, parking areas and access roads.

In total, more than 50 snow removal units are deployed for this contract on an annual basis.

Services rendered:

  • Snow removal
  • De-icing
  • Spreading of abrasives
  • Snow piling
  • Transport of snow to disposal sites

Location: Montreal

Experience: Since 1992

Déneigement Montréal ville
Déneigement Montréal ville


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