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Why should you work at Roxboro Excavation?


For the friendly work environment

You will have the opportunity to grow in a respectful, people-first environment and benefit from the synergy that drives our teams.


For access to our valuable internal resources

You will quickly realize that Roxboro’s human capital is one of our greatest assets. We have the resources to transform ideas into projects and rise to the most ambitious challenges!


For the chance to grow

At Roxboro, you will work in an opportunity-rich environment that values expertise and talent above all. You will have the chance to grow in a career that suits you and in an environment that values learning and personal development. Feed your curiosity and reach your full potential by exploring our many different career paths!

Interested ?

Please have a look at the list of career opportunities below and apply for one of our positions. You can also email us at!

SPONTANIOUS applications

Roxboro Excavation is always looking for talented people who are driven to excel in an innovative, fast-paced company.


Send us your application with the kind of position you’re looking for today!

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Are you about to finish your studies and looking for an internship?
Learn more about our job opportunities!

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